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Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale
Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale

Rare Huge 18th Century Jambati-Lingam Singing Bowl – Low 2nd Octave


Antique Lingam Singing Bowl. Notes: A2 & G#2 (Third Eye & Throat Chakras)

Weight 1.46 kilos (3 lb 3 oz).  Size 28 x 11.5 cm (11 x 4 ½ inches)

This wonderful superior quality antique Lingam Singing Bowl is one of the largest antique Lingams I have encountered in in 40 years of collecting rare bowls, and one of very few Jambati-Lingams.

Its enormous 11 inch diameter, age, superior quality, unique form, and fabulous voice all combine to make it one of the most desirable and collectable of antique singing bowls, and its next lucky guardian can rest assured they have one of the rarest and finest bowls in the world.

The fundamental note is a low near-perfect concert pitch A2 (112Hz) when struck with a padded mallet or played around the rim with a suede ringer.  The fundamental struck note sometimes flickers to a second octave G#2 (104Hz – 106Hz) harmonic, which is the same note produced when played around the rim with a wooden ringer.  However, I believe this to be a ceremonial bowl that was intended to be struck, as the rim note needs coaxing and a little practice.   It has exceptionally fine walls that produce a lot of vibrant energy, resulting in an interesting and rather haunting voice.  Weighing less than 1 ½ kilos it is possible to hold and play for an extended period rather than have it resting on a mat or cushion.

When viewed from the side one could easily mistake this bowl for a large Jambati.  It has a gracefully curved wall, a triangulated inward-facing lip and a rounded bottom.  At its centre there is a neat lingam surrounded and defined by two sets of decorative circles, with a perfect matching navel or yoni.  

This bowl has been expertly crafted.  It would have been difficult to forge such fine walls, and its size and superior quality strongly suggest that it might well have been commissioned for a temple or monastery.  Its walls are now satin smooth to the touch and it’s hard to imagine that this bowl was originally beaten into shape with hammers.

This amazing Lingam bowl was sourced in the Indian Himalayas bordering Nepal and is believed to date from the 1800s, possibly earlier.  It is in excellent structural condition and free of blemishes with the exception of a small bruised area inside and out.  It’s possible that at some point in the distant past, perhaps even when it was forged, that a small dent or flaw has been reheated to effect a repair, and this accounts for the darkened patches   I am confident that this bowl is in excellent structural condition regardless.  However, I have reduced its price to reflect this minor cosmetic issue, and it now represents great value for such a special bowl.

Undoubtedly one of the rarest and finest antique Lingam Singing Bowls in the world today!

A Tibetan silk brocade bowl cushion, padded striker, and two different ringers are included in the price.