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Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale
Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale


Some unsolicited testimonials I have received from around the world

My Wonderful Singing Bowl:  Thanks so much Fred for your help and for this wonderful antique treasure. Enjoying it immensely. I will be in touch. Best regards, L.M. (USA) 13th April 2024
Dear Fred, Received this morning thank you so much. It is fabulous and the tones are deep and rich and long lasting. Many thanks and best wishes, Jem (UK) 25th March 2024
Thank you Fred.  Your bowl has arrived…and is singing beautifully here. Thank you too for the book of poems which accompanied it.  With all warm wishes,  Lizzie (UK).
The bowl has arrived safely and is beautiful. Thank you.   Regards, Pam P (UK).

Fred, I just wanted you to know that today I received the bowl I ordered. The shipment of my bowl went smoothly to the US.  It is just as you described it, and I couldn’t be happier. As you know this is a Christmas gift for my wife and she will love its storied history and the sound is perfect. Thank you.  I wish you continued success in selling your unique collection of bowls and with your  foundation and personal devotion to the village and people you are supporting and uplifting in Nepal. Best wishes, Rick (Seattle, USA).

Hi Fred – Thank you so much once again for offering your bowl collection, I am so thrilled and proud to be able to own the two bowls I have from you and I wish you continued success with One Golden Angel. F.M. (UK)
Hi Fred – I just wanted to let you know that my lovely bowl has arrived and I’m thrilled to be the new owner! I’m looking forward to many happy hours listening to and playing my new friend! F.M. (UK)
Hello Fred – The parcel has arrived today and everything is just perfect. Its content is such a joy! Thank you very much! B.H (Switzerland)
Dear Mr. Fred Wilkinson – I wanted to let you know I received the bell-shaped singing bowl from you today. It is every bit as lovely as the photo and sings magically. This is the third bowl I have purchased from you; I am delighted by all of them. Thank you for posting them so quickly and packaging them safely. Bless you and the wonderful work you are doing with One Golden Angel. I hope my purchases can in some small way help you make a difference in the lives of these children. Sincerely, PM (USA)
Hi Fred – The bowls arrived Monday. Really pleased with them. W.W. (USA)
Hi Fred – I just wanted to let you know that the Lingam C4 has been delivered an hour ago. It has arrived safely, and it looks and sounds beautifully. Thank you very much. Sincerely. L.H. (UK)
Hi – Really thrilled with my two bowls, you were absolutely right, I love them!!! Sincerest regards, J.A. (USA)
Hello – I have got a Golden Lingam A3. It’s magnificent. Thank you. L.H. (UK)
Dear Fred – Firstly, thank you SO much for the bowl. It is an absolute beauty! I don’t have any knowledge about singing bowls but even I can see that it’s a very impressive bowl. B will be so thrilled. He is not allowed it until his birthday in a couple of weeks. The wait is torture for him. Thanks so much too for the gorgeous cushion and the lovely tools with which to play it. I read your beautiful story on your website over the weekend. Your wife had the kindest, open face. I’m so sorry for your loss but so pleased that you managed to have so many productive, satisfying years together. The charitable work you are doing is wonderful. P.G-W (UK)
Hi Fred – My bowls arrived today and they are wonderful! B.L. (USA)
Hello Fred – The B3 has arrived, and I am overwhelmed! Photos and recordings of this bowl do not do it justice. . .they are just incapable of capturing the power and magnetism of this bowl. When I unpacked it, I found myself quite overwhelmed with emotion. This bowl exceeded all my expectations by such a wide margin that I hardly know what to say. . .I am deeply moved, and so appreciative to own this remarkable treasure. The tone is pure, the volume is huge and the refinement of the pulsating vibrato is perfection. Every time I play it, the tears well up. . .if these singing bowls possess any alchemy at all, it lives in this bowl. It is my most prized possession, thank you so much for selling it to me! That said, I have to say that the shipping time was lightning quick! It takes longer to get packages from California! A.M. (USA)
Hi Fred – Thank you so much for the fabulous bowl. I gave it to my wife this morning for her birthday. She says it’s the nicest present she has ever received. C.C. (UK)
Hello – I just want to say thank you so much for these last bowls! I am sure I will be back and order more from you in the future. G.M. (Norway)
Hi Fred – the two bowls arrived Friday late afternoon via Fed Ex Express. I know that they will be two of my most prized belongings. Each morning they are the first sounds I make. D.N. (USA)
Hello Fred – the bowl arrived today its phenomenal. Im so so happy with it I have’nt been able to put it down. 🙂 Can’t thank you enough. A.S. (Australia)
I am so thrilled with my recent purchase which arrived today. H.K. (UK)
Hello Fred – Really love the new bowl and so appreciate your outstanding service and your lovely packaging of the bowl! My clients have loved the new bowl too. Fun to see their faces when I strike it! K.J (USA)
Hi – Got the bowls. Love them. So incredible and meaningful. Am still considering a bowl or two…lingams as you might imagine. K.J. (USA)
Only recently did I find your website which is by far the most informative and comprehensive I have encountered. I suspect this will be the first of a series of orders over time. C.E. (UK)
Greetings Fred, The singing bowls arrived safely and they are delightful. Your website descriptions are fine but did not prepare me for the impact of the bowls and their impressive quality. Needless to say I have my eye on another of your bowls and, once sure I have selected the right one, I shall place my order. C.E. (UK)
Thank you for the singing bowl. It has a wonderfully clear sound. S.M. (UK)
Hi Fred, Just a note to let you know my bowl arrived safely this morning and I am delighted with it. It is very tactile and interesting. A.M. (UK)
Hello Fred, I just received the bowls! They are so beautiful together and sing so clear and deep. I am so happy! Thanks for the time and the care you do for my order. I wish you all the best. S.B. (France)
Hello Fred, I am very happy with the bowls I bought from you. Kind regards. E.P. (UK)
Hello Mr. Wilkinson! Our singing bowl arrived just 5 minutes ago and it is simply AMAZING! The sound is perfectly the same as we heard in the sample (obviously without it’s intense vibrations, but well done) and the cushion you send with it is super lovely and fits perfectly in our apartment! Thank you so much for your help and kindness, I hope you won’t stop collecting those bowls and that you continue to give pleasure to the people all around the globe with your treasures! We are truly proud to be the new custodian for one of them! Kind regards from Italy. B.R. (Italy)
What to say? I picked up a package from you yesterday, and oh my goodness, how beautiful sound. A friend was with me and she was very impressed too. I love that bowl so, so much! G.M. (Norway).
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful bowl which arrived safely. It is truly a delight and I am so pleased to have found a 741Hz bowl of such lovely quality. It is indeed a special bowl and I am really happy to become its custodian! C.H. (UK)
Thank you so much for the singing bowl which arrived at my house 8am prompt. I am so thrilled with it, it’s absolutely gorgeous and makes an awesome sound! So much better than the picture and bigger than I thought it would be. And thanks for the accessories, they are superb! I feel very privileged to own my very own singing bowl. R.N. (UK)
Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful bowl. It arrived this morning! (there’s not a lot wrong with Royal Mail). I am delighted with the bowl and it sounds beautiful and I love the patina and the contrast with the rim. Very best wishes. A.H. (UK)
Just to let you know that beautiful bowl arrived this morning. It feels like a part of me already… L.J. (UK)
The bowl arrived safely and we are absolutely enthralled by the beauty and quality of the sound. This Ultabati holds so much resonance and already has a very special place in our collection! You can hear the quality of the bowl immediately! Thank you so very much for your advice, the assistance with the shipping and the awesome job done in packaging. This is an investment that will return again and again! We hope to buy from you again! Many many thanks! Willem (South Africa)
Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the two bowls that have arrived thus far. It’s very gratifying to find someone who is not only honest but who only posts quality items for sale. Many thanks for your honest appraisal and prompt deliveries. E.M. (USA)
We have been enchanted and deeply moved by our first experience of the wonderful bowls from your collection. We very much appreciate the opportunity you and Maureen have provided for us to be their next custodians. A.L. (UK)
The bowl arrived yesterday, but I needed to visit the post office to sign for it. It could have fallen from the top of an eighteen-wheeler, bounced to the side of the road, and it wouldn’t have made a sound. Thank you for the care that you take, from your honest descriptions, to delivery, and everything in between. Superb work. E.T. (USA)
Many thanks for getting the bowl to me quickly and in perfect condition. It’s another beautiful bowl and, as you described, has a beautiful resonance and is easy to play. Best Wishes. J.H. (UK)
The bowls have arrived and they are wonderful. What amazing sounds, and as hoped for, all 3 are very different and complimentary both in sound and appearance. P.P. (UK)
I just wanted to let you know that I received my singing bowl tonight and I couldn’t be happier with it … which is such a relief (and perhaps even a surprise) when buying online. Thank you for all of your prompt and helpful advice in choosing this bowl – it is just what I was looking for. The cushion you chose is also perfect. Thank you. F.F. (Australia)
I have received both bowls and they are simply wonderful! I have been playing the lingam this morning all around my house…what a wonderful experience! I am beyond delighted with my purchases! M.Z . (USA)
I received the bowl on time and I as soon as I played it I fell in love with it…such an amazing bowl. I have played it everyday and I don’t have words to explain how much I like it. It is all I thought it was going to be and much more. And I can’t tell you how it contributed to an amazing meditation. S.W. (UK)
I am really enjoying everything that I purchased from you…all are in great condition and the bowls have beautiful voices! Thank you. G.B. (USA)
The two Naga bowls arrived a couple of hours ago. Thank you so much for your earlier advice and for getting them to me, so well packaged, as rapidly as this. They are everything – and more – that I had anticipated. I feel it is such a privilege for me to have these revered artifacts in my keeping now. With deep appreciation. M.M. (UK)
Just to let you know my bowl arrived today. It fits in very nicely with my bowl family and when I play it with a larger covered stick the vibrations that go thru my hand are almost electric! M.M. (Canada)
The Bowls arrived at my post office this morning without any problems…you were right! The bowls are absolutely beautiful…both visually and harmonically. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have such fine works of art…thank you…and thanks for the great looking pillow and mallets. G.B. (USA)
My bowl arrived at 10:20 this morning. It is so beautiful and we are both absolutely delighted with it. I know it will be a talking point amongst our friends and something we will always treasure. Love the tone and the harmonics too. I need to practice and know I will…I won’t be able to resist it. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and for your time on the phone yesterday. K.R. (UK)
Thank you so much for the stupendous bowls we received today. The Jambati bowl has the quality of sound we only ever expected to hear in a Buddhist temple. Many thanks again to you both. A.L. (UK)
Arrived safely. So beautiful, I am overwhelmed, thank you very very much. W.H. (UK)
I listened to many of the audio files before choosing and decided the new bowl would complement the first one I bought from you. I thought you would like to know that I used the Manipuri with 3 sound healing sessions last week and I’m taking it to my daughter’s primary school next week. I am delighted to have found you as a totally reliable source for these wonderful bowls. Best wishes. J.H. (UK)
The bowl arrived today and is singing away! Very happy, many thanks. Kind regards. J.R. (Ireland)
The bowl has arrived safely and is absolutely beautiful! Thank you very, very much. It has been presented to the family – my husband, my daughter (18 years old) and the cats, and been welcomed into our home. It will now be wrapped up gentle and put away till I can let the Christmas spirit bring it to me again in a about a months time. (Might just have a little sneaky sounding before that – don’t know if I can wait!). Again, much love and light on your present journey. M.M. (UK)
I want to thank you for releasing this and the other incredible bowls…they have incredible healing abilities. R.M. (Canada)
Bowls arrived today and two very special, exquisite bowls they are! Have fallen in love and will definitely be buying more bowls from you in the future. Thanks a lot! J.B. (UK)
Gorgeous! The bowl has arrived and is beautiful! Fred, thank you and best wishes of joy and happiness! R.C. (France)
Unpacking that box was like Christmas: silk cushions…a whole range of ringers and beaters and, more importantly, two beautiful bowls that sound wonderful, look the part, and clearly belong here. Thank you so much for all this. I am sure you will be hearing from me again: please do keep me updated as bowls become available. With very best wishes. M.M. (UK)
What a bowl, how many lifetimes has it been about? Definitely headed to what I dreamed of after discovering bowls. I take it there are heavier bowls still, they are magic! This is one wonderful, magical bowl (I will be smiling for years) I am glad to have for this part of its life. Thank you yet again, what timing! D.B. (UK)
My wife loved the singing bowl. Thank you so much for helping make that wish come true. It does have a wonderful tone. R.D. (UK)
Just received the two lingam bowls yesterday. They are wonderful! I am “over the moon”! New great “toys” to play, play with, and do some healing work. Thank you. M.Z. (USA)
Hello Fred – Woo! I have received your goods, on the eve of Christmas & it’s marvelous. Out of my expectation, it’s just days after placing the order; it’s in fact, a perfect Christmas gift. I love the accessories you selected for me too. W.C. (Hong Kong)
Thanks for sending the singing bowl so quickly. I received it today and I loved it as much as the other one. What an amazing sound and vibration. Love it!! We have played the bowls before a meditation today and it was amazing. Thank you so much for everything. I am constantly checking your website for new bowls, but, for now I am waiting for my husband to recover from the shock of having the other two hahaha! Once he gets used to it and stops lifting an eyebrow every time he sees me playing them I will incorporate another one. S.W. (UK)
Wow! Got the bowl this morning. It has grown in the post…it is a super beast! It fountains and has a very powerful sound. Thanks again, a real bowl and a half! D.B. (UK)
Oh, Fred, what a beauty! It is a truly exquisite instrument. Thank you very much indeed. M.M. (UK)
The bowl has arrived. Many thanks for sending it so quickly and for the cushion. I’m delighted with it. I chose well! J.F. (UK)
Just to let you know the bowl has arrived safe and sound. Thank you for the very swift delivery. And thank you very much for the information about the bowl. A.E. (UK)
The bowls played a big part in all the preparation that I did for that moment and I can’t explain you how much I enjoy playing them. I played the bowls so much before she was born that she recognized the sound immediately and now every time that I play them she stays very quiet and looking at the infinite. S.W. (UK)
Dear Fred – The singing bowls you organized for my wife at Christmas went down very well. Thank you. S.C. (UK)
The bowls are all lovely! In fact they are MAGIC! Or should I say sacred. I was overwhelmed when I opened my present on Christmas morning. It will spur me to continue my studies and move to the next level. Thank you again. J.C. (UK)
We love the Manipuri we purchased from you previously. It has a beautiful voice and loads of character and life. We play the bowl every day in our yoga. P.E. (UK)
Great news! The bowls you sent me have arrived. The quality and look of both bowls feel as authentic as their purpose, and I am very happy with them. Many thanks. C.C. (UK)
Fred – to let you know that I have received the bowl. Thank you, it is very beautiful. L.J. (UK)
Just to let you know, with thanks, that the bowl arrived with this mornings post and is now on its way to Australia. We couldn’t resist opening it and listening to it first and we are very pleased and are confident that the recipient will be delighted with it. A.H. (UK)
Many thanks for my bowl which arrived very safely. I am delighted with it! It has a wonderful tone and quality. J.H. (UK)
I want you to know how happy I am with all the bowls I have purchased from you. Each one is just as, and in some cases, even more wonderful than your accurate descriptions. Each one is a wonderful instrument and gift. I cherish each one. M.Z. (USA)