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Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale
Antique Singing & Healing Bowls
A Unique Collection of Rare and Beautiful Sacred and Ceremonial Himalayan Singing Bowls for Sale

Rare 17th Century Libation Ceremonial Lingam Temple Offering Bowl

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Antique Lingam Offering Bowl – Solemn & Haunting G2 (95Hz)

Weight 2.19 kilos (4 lb 13 ½ oz). Size 36.5 x 4 cm (14 ½ x 1 ½ inches)

This is an extraordinary rare and sacred 16th or 17th century bronze Libation* or Sacraficial Ceremonial Lingam Offering Bowl.  It was sourced in a remote region of the of the Indian Himalayas and is supplied ‘as found’ covered with centuries of dirt and grime and splashes of solidified tika or possibly sacrificial blood, most probably that of a ram.

This sacred Lingam Bowl would undoubtedly have played an important ritual role on countless pujas and festive occasions, including marriages, in temple forecourts for centuries.  It is the first I have encountered outside of a Temple, and the only one I have seen with a Lingam at its centre.  Although, strictly speaking, it is not a singing bowl in the conventional sense, it does in fact produce a very interesting note when struck on the rim with a padded mallet…a rather solemn and haunting low second octave G2 (95Hz), and I would not discount a ceremonial musical application, especially as there is also a rather nice fifth octave C5 (526Hz) harmonic when the rim is struck with a wooden striker.  The played rim note is indistinct to say the least.

My son lives in Nepal and has witnesses a similar bowl, although not a lingam, upturned and propped on a wooden block then played drum-like for several hours by two shaman attending a famous shaman’s funeral.

This large shallow bowl has been skilfully crafted from hand-beaten bronze.  It features a fabulous raise Lingam at the centre, defined and surrounded by 5 sets of circles.  It has a beautiful multi-grooved rim, and a deep navel or yoni underneath.

It is in excellent structural condition and would readily clean up if desired.  However, in its present state it has a very powerful sacred presence and the look and feel of great antiquity which I am personally loath to change.

* A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to a god or spirit or in memory of those who have died. It was common in many religions of antiquity and continues to be offered in various cultures today. The libation could be poured onto something of religious significance or into the earth.

This wonderful ritual object will appeal to shaman and collectors of Lingam bowls and ritual antiquities, and perhaps to sound therapists too.  A padded striker is included in the price.

An utterly unique and sacred Lingam Temple Offering Bowl!

In stock